ABA Gift Guide
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ABA Gift Guide

Looking for a few last-minute gift ideas for your learner? Luckily, our team members are experts in reinforcing toys that will help your kiddos have fun and build their skills at the same time! 

A Little SPOT of Emotion Book Box Set

“It helps children identity a large range of emotions and feelings in a very easy to understand way. I’ve used these books with clients and it helps “big feelings” feel validated and shares that we all have them sometimes! The books also explain self management skills in fun and engaging ways for when big feelings are present. The books help develop confidence as well, which is such an important skill!”

Emily Gasparek, RBT

Magic Tracks Bendable, Snap-Together Car Track

“It helps with creativity in building out a track design. While the track is one big loop, you can have it go in a variety of shapes, build tunnels and bridges for it, etc. Some sets even have these things already in them!”

Lauren Chase, BCBA

Melissa & Doug Stack, Sort & Pound Wooden Toy Collection

This is perfect for teaching cause and effect, fine motor, matching, sequencing, sorting, and identification. The blocks especially are open ended materials that are great for imaginative play!”

Cara Franke, Clinic Lead

Seek-a-Boo Seek and Find Memory Game

“Seek-a-boo is a great and fun way to build skills related to labeling common objects and matching (which are both skills that build the foundation for more complex skills down the line). This game can be adjusted easily to meet your child where they are at and modify over time to increase difficulty as their skills grow! This set is strong relative to some other matching games because the pictures depict the objects as they are in the environment rather than drawings and have minimal additional clutter on the cards that may draw attention away from the elements that are most important!”

Natalie Shuler, BCBA

PicassoTiles Magnetic Building Tiles (MagnaTiles)

“MagnaTiles are a building toy that is easy to manipulate for people with different physical abilities! They are definitely another option that can grow with your child. Building provides a great opportunity for children to imitate their caregivers matching the sides together or even copy their tile patterns. These tiles are fun and functional when building 2D or flat images but can be built into tall 3D towers too! For an extra challenge, kids can even work on matching the colors that were used in an example!”

Natalie Shuler, BCBA

Balloon Zoom – Balloon-Powered Race Car

“This works on fine and gross motor control, waiting, and can be a great cause and effect toy!”

Lauren Chase, BCBA

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