Autism Toolbox – ABA Speech
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Autism Toolbox – ABA Speech

Feel confident working with young autistic learners and know you’re making a difference.

The first resource I want to talk about are the literacy companions for Brown Bear and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. You can use these in your sessions to guide therapy. Share with teachers to put up in their book areas or send home to parents as a support for communication. A great way to work on joint attention and literacy all at once!

Using music in therapy is an AMAZING way to work on joint attention. I can’t wait for you to use our Early Intervention Song Guide included in the toolbox. The Itsy Bitsy Spider is ready for you to use in therapy or at home! Using music can allow us to work on social engagement in therapy. Music can help us build rapport with our clients and can be used to work on joint attention. We can also work on imitation too!

The Adapted Weather Book is also included in the Autism Toolbox. With real life pictures this is a great resource for learners of all ages!! Use it to work on joint attention, target social engagement, pointing and verbal imitation.

Choosing first words to target in therapy can be a challenge! How do we choose these words and in what context do we work on them? With younger learners I LOVE to work on first words during shared activities- like books, music and play! That is why I have included the Verbal Imitation Guide in our Autism Toolbox

The Farm Toys Play Guide can be a great activity to engage your students! You can work on labeling, following one step directions and filling in the blank. You can also work on requesting the different animals! 

Who does not like to fill in the ____?? It can be a fun way to work on language as you Fill In The Blank Phrases. These resources can be helpful for practicing specific speech sounds, sentence construction, and language comprehension. 

I am so excited include this in the Autism Toolbox, the Lesson Planning Guide For Early Learners has so much great information! This is a guide that you can use for your early learners to plan fun and functional therapy sessions. Based on your leaners assessments, I will share ideas and helpful tips to work with early learners.  

Early communication milestones are crucial for a child’s language development. Here is a general guide to Communication Milestones for Early Learners. This will help you know what milestones your child should be meeting from birth-5 years old. 

I am so excited to share the Autism Toolbox with you!

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