It’s Time to Deliver – Coalition for National Trauma Research
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It’s Time to Deliver – Coalition for National Trauma Research

Outside of well-funded, urban trauma centers, too many critically injured patients die needlessly or suffer excessive disability following delayed or substandard care. Effective development and equitable and rapid dissemination of clinical practice guidelines is needed to help close the performance gaps between the trauma center haves and have-nots.

Lives and livelihoods depend on it.

The AHRQ-funded Design for Implementation: Trauma Research & Clinical Guidance conference series aims to solve this problem by redesigning how the trauma community develops and disseminates trauma clinical guidance in the United States. The meeting will convene a highly engaged group of trauma clinical, research, administration, academic and industry thought leaders and patient advocates at the Chicago headquarters of the American College of Surgeons on February 21-22, 2024. All other interested members of the trauma research and care community are invited to participate virtually at no cost via Zoom.

The conference series’ principal investigator is Lacey LaGrone, MD, MPH, MA, a trauma and acute care surgeon at Medical Center of the Rockies, and an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Colorado. Employing innovative adult learning principles, Dr. LaGrone will facilitate maximal knowledge transfer and the development of an action plan to address barriers and make substantive progress on this pressing challenge.

Combining dissemination and implementation science; teamwork principles; and diversity, equity and inclusion guidance, this first meeting in the three-year Design for Implementation series will lay the groundwork for national collaboration and a path-breaking way forward. Confirmed speakers include Rochelle Dicker, MD (UC San Francisco); Col Stacey Shackleford, MD (Defense Health Agency), Maria Michaels, MBA, PMP (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), Andres Rubiano, MD, PhD (El Bosque University, Columbia), Rinad Beidas, PhD (Northwestern University), and Mike Person, MD (Surgical Institute of South Dakota).

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