ABA Centers of America Unveiled New Location for Its Nashua Autism Care Center
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ABA Centers of America Unveiled New Location for Its Nashua Autism Care Center

Yesterday, ABA Centers of America hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Nashua to unveil its newest autism care center in New Hampshire.

ABA Centers of America provides applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy services to children with autism through a play-based approach that is rooted in positive reinforcement. The organization was founded to disrupt the autism care industry by demolishing wait times traditionally experienced by those in search of a diagnosis or treatment. It’s common for families to be waitlisted from many months to several years to receive these services for their children, but ABA Centers of America typically has a child in service within 47 days from the time initial contact is made with the organization.

ABA Centers of America’s original Nashua location opened in 2022. This new space offers an expansive 15,500 square feet for individualized autism therapy services to take place, including things like cooking and bedtime routines, everyday tasks that can be monumental challenges for kids on the spectrum. This impressive, strategically designed play space provides children with a vibrant, immersive, and engaging environment to receive the therapy lessons that will help them navigate life on the spectrum and teach them the tools to achieve a robust and fulfilling future.

ABA Centers of America is already serving more than 100 kiddos in Nashua and more than 400 kiddos throughout the greater New Hampshire – Massachusetts region. This new facility allows the organization to provide help – and hope – to even more families during what can be a frustrating and vulnerable time.

At the ribbon cutting ceremony, remarks were provided by Dr. Ted Bender, Executive Vice President of ABA Centers of America; David Curran, Executive Director for ABA Centers of America’s Nashua clinic; and Richard Dowd, Alderman for the City of Nashua.

“We need better ways to get access for children, we need better ways to treat children, and we need better access to care as a whole in this country,” said Dr. Bender. “ABA Centers of America has revolutionized the way that autism assessment is done and the speed with which it can be done.”

Elizabeth McKenna, Special Assistant for Policy and Projects for U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen, delivered remarks on Senator Shaheen’s behalf: “Your efforts to provide education, advocacy, and innovative care has brought hope to so many families and has broadened the community’s acceptance of people with autism. Today’s event is a great opportunity to celebrate the strides we have made in understanding autism and shaping an environment where every person with autism can achieve his or her full potential.”

ABA Centers of America’s Nashua autism care center is located at 542 Amherst Street, Nashua, NH. More information about the organization, this new clinic, and its other seven locations throughout the New Hampshire – Massachusetts region can be found at www.abacenters.com.

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