Begin your Mindfulness Practice at the Design for Implementation Conference – Coalition for National Trauma Research
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Begin your Mindfulness Practice at the Design for Implementation Conference – Coalition for National Trauma Research

In a Design for Implementation Conference session titled, “Distress and Clinical Guidance: Practical Advice for Humans,” professional coach and grief counselor Sabrina Vogler, CPC, CEC, CGSS, will share with trauma care professionals tools from the practice of mindfulness to help access their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual faculties at the highest level.

A globally recognized expert in her field, Vogler specializes in empowering calm, courageous compassion. She offers neuroscience-based mind-body practices that change how you respond to your thoughts, process your emotions, and shift the physiological effects of stress on your nervous system.

“Self-compassionate mindfulness empowers you to access the best of yourself, especially when your job requires quick thinking, laser-sharp decision-making, constant exposure to vicarious trauma, and a relentless pace,” Vogler explains. “When there’s never enough of you to go around, you need a way to access your highest potential.” She will demonstrate how adopting this new way of life impacts every aspect of your professional practice and personal life.

Often called upon to address burnout and fatigue in the medical field, Vogler says mindfulness is the best way to navigate a stressful life, where you go to sleep overstimulated and wake up exhausted: “This practice helps you become both self-aware and self-regulated.” The supportive supply available to you is inexhaustible when you develop the ability to access what you need from a place of inner strength and poise, as well as to make requests of external resources.

Presentation Objectives:

  • To describe how constant exposure to high-stress trauma care deters your ability to effectively process and respond to crises.
  • To provide an on-the-spot way to meet your distress as a medical provider from a perspective of supportive self-compassion.
  • To offer an empirically vetted means for accessing an unlimited provision for what you need the most.

Sabrina’s Vogler’s session, “Distress and Clinical Guidance: Practical Advice for Humans” is scheduled for Wednesday, February 21 at 2:40 p.m. CST.

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