29 May, 2024
5 mins read

Dr. Deb: Self-Injury Awareness

Before finding emotional health, they struggled with self-injury. Self-Injury is a deliberate, non-suicidal behavior that inflicts physical harm on one’s body to relieve emotional distress. Self-injury has a paradoxical effect in that the pain self-inflicted actually sets off an endorphin rush, relieving the self-harmer from deep distress. It’s important to note that self-injury does not […]

1 min read

Dr. Deb: When It’s NOT All in Your Head: Medical Gaslighting

I’ve worked with many children and adults who’ve been told to seek mental health treatment by medical professionals, because their physical complaints were not real.  These patients were told things like, “It’s all in your head,” “There’s nothing medically wrong,” or“You’re fine and have to learn how to deal with the pain.” In my 30 plus […]

1 min read

Dr. Deb: Sometimes When I’m Worried

  “Sometimes When I’m Worried” is the newest book from my award-winning Sometimes When series. In it, children learn practical strategies for coping with worry and anxiety. Preorder here. With quiet, sensitive illustrations, the Sometimes When collection by Dr. Deborah Serani helps young children work through big feelings, such as sadness and anger. The stories […]