The Impact of Lack of Sleep Crisis on Teenage Depression
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The Impact of Lack of Sleep Crisis on Teenage Depression

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Lack of sleep crisis:  Is one of the major challenges faced by the society these days. However, the impact sleepless nights is a crisis on teen mental health is yet under-discussed. Growing up, facing puberty, chasing future goals, and discovering their self can be strenuous on the young one. Nevertheless, this hustle and bustle is so overwhelming that we usually ignore the importance of teenagers’ sleep crisis. Especially its role in their depression. Studies have shown a nearly 4% rise in teenage depression within one year, and lack of sleep played an important role in it

. Lack of Sleep Crisis

Lack of Sleep Crisis

Teenagers girls are already susceptible to hormonal fluctuations as they step into adolescence from childhood. Let us have a look at how insomnia fuels depression in teenagers: The stress hormone “cortisol” and the happy hormone “serotonin” keep fluctuating as they hit puberty.Yawing frequently may seem they are bored in class as well as frequent anger burst could be a sign your child is struggling too tired to cope..  Therefore, long-lasting lack of sleep should not be neglected. Mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and anger issues only a therapist can diagnose the true causes.

lack of sleep in kids

Lack of Sleep Crisis

Sinai study also shows catching  insufficient  sleep for days is a critical situation which can cause decreases in emotional stability and other medical issues. Not to mention, Your kids feel overwhelmed and often are unable to give their all in every task. Sleeplessness is one of the symptoms of depression.Study has shown that sleep deprivation in teenagers activates the genes that cause inflammation in the body which releases the stress hormone cortisol. And this cycle continues until adequate rest is achieved. In fact, this continuous inflammation and stress contribute to chronic depression in teenagers.

Lack of Sleep Crisis

Important to realized  poor sleep habits  affects nearly seventy percent of teenagers are sleeping less than the recommended eight hours. To put it another way, one of the major reasons behind it is their tough schedule, academics, and extracurriculars workload. Not to mention dealing with peer pressure. The struggle to not miss out on anything keeps them awake at nights. Most of them have a lot on their to-do list which does not let them sleep adequately. How to survive on 3 hours of sleep? Is hard to image your child surviving isn’t its parent.. Therefore, it is important to ensure a healthy balance between the two. We should not only encourage resting time. But also get early interventions.

Lack of sleep crisis

Point often overlooked is sleep deprivation symptoms such as teenage depression. Although not specific to adults. Adequate sleep is one of the most essential components for ones mental health. Especially when it comes to our adolescent. Effects of sleep deprivation issues like depression, anxiety, and obesity just a few negatively affect your child health. As a result, parent making sure our youth gets adequate sleep nights is a priority. Complain of difficulty night’s rest and decrease in school participation could be not getting adequate rest.

At this age, they are mostly unaware of the importance of a proper sleep schedule. If your teenager struggles with depression and sleep crisis and is unable to manage them, there is even no harm in seeking professional help and sleep therapy. Because, a healthy mind is a key to a healthy life.

Sleep is the best meditation as well as medication!

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