21 Jul, 2024
7 mins read

Fireworks and Fun – Various Ways to Make 4th of July Enjoyable for Autistic People

The 4th of July is a day filled with celebrations, fireworks, and fun. However, for individuals with autism, the sensory overload and unpredictability can make this holiday challenging. Ensuring that everyone can enjoy the festivities is crucial. This article provides tips and strategies to make the 4th of July enjoyable for autistic people, emphasizing inclusivity […]

4 mins read

Radiant Possibilities – 5 Empowering Ways Summer Camps Benefit Autistic Children

Summer camps hold radiant possibilities for empowering autistic children in numerous ways. These camps offer tailored programs and environments designed to support the unique needs of children on the autism spectrum. Let’s delve into five empowering ways summer camps benefit autistic children. Unlocking Possibilities: Social Skills Development for Autistic Children My camp friend Cabrielle Costa […]

8 mins read

Essential ABA Strategies for Boosting Summer Activities for Autistic People

Essential to the enjoyment of summer for autistic clients is the understanding that it can be overwhelming. Yet, with the right strategies, it becomes a season of enriching experiences. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) emerges as the guiding light, offering techniques to elevate these activities into unforgettable moments. Let’s explore three crucial ABA strategies that promise […]

1 min read

Interview with Armando Bernal, a Trailblazing and Resilient Autistic Behavior Analyst

Armando Bernal is a trailblazing, neurodivergent board-certified behavior analyst who supports patients of all ages. In addition, Armando provides autistic consultation, parent and therapist consultation, speaking engagements for companies across the nation, and supervision and mentorship to other BCBAs and therapists. Armando has also participated in several collaborations with Vanderbilt University, The Autism Society of […]

1 min read

Communication Without Limits Using AAC For Autistic Students

We are very excited to share with you a new FREE resource! Communication Without Limits: An Intro to AAC for BCBAs Communication without Limits: An Intro to AAC for BCBAs is a free course that we are thrilled to be offering to BCBA’s and SLP’s wanting to learn more about AAC! AAC- Augmentative and Alternative […]