29 May, 2024
7 mins read

National Disabilities Month 2024

Introduction In the world of challenges and triumphs, National Disabilities Month stands as a beacon of resilience and inspiration. This annual observance provides an opportunity to reflect on the remarkable journeys of individuals defying odds and leaving an indelible mark on our hearts. Join us on an emotional expedition as we delve into the profound […]

5 mins read

Embracing Neurodiversity in World Autism Month

In today’s society, embracing neurodiversity and fostering inclusion are vital components of creating a more equitable and compassionate world. As we celebrate World Autism Month, it’s essential to recognize and champion the inclusion of neurodiverse individuals, particularly those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Neurodiversity refers to the variation in neurological structure and function among individuals, […]

2 mins read

National Toolkit Released during Blood Clot Awareness Month – Coalition for National Trauma Research

To recognize Blood Clot Awareness Month in March, Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester (D-Del.) unveiled a comprehensive toolkit titled “Blood Clot Awareness, Action, and Advocacy: The Toolkit.” This document contains information on blood clots, Blunt Rochester’s bipartisan work in Congress to spread awareness of blood clots, and ways the public can advocate for themselves and others […]

4 mins read

Unlocking Understanding – Navigating Autism & Disability Insurance Awareness Month 2024

Autism and Disability Insurance Awareness Month is an important time for unlocking a deeper understanding of the complexities of autism and the necessity of disability insurance coverage. As we navigate through this month, it’s crucial to understand the nuances of autism and how disability insurance plays a vital role in supporting individuals with autism and […]