25 May, 2024
12 mins read

Rob Woodcox: Candid Interview on Art, Queer Love, Mental Health, and ‘Honey to the Moon’

About Rob: Rob Woodcox is a fine art photographer and film director, with nearly 250,000 followers on Instagram. Rob’s passion for photography has developed into a dedication to advocacy; he has developed projects to raise consciousness and conversation around the US foster system, adoption, queer identity, body neutrality, racial equality and environmental justice. Having been […]

8 mins read

Understand Queer, Bisexual, and Gay Men’s Mental Health

Queer men share similar mental health challenges to heterosexual men, but there are several notable differences that require consideration, reflection, and care.[1] Let’s delve into these differences, as well as some first steps, to better understand and navigate the mental health impacts of the challenges queer men face (including gay, bi, and men who have […]