29 May, 2024
2 mins read

8 Strategies to Forge Relationships

How do individuals with autism make friends? Navigating the journey of making friends with autism presents a set of challenges for children on the spectrum. This complex intersection between autism and friendship sparks significant curiosity among parents and caregivers, leading them to ponder how individuals with autism make friends. Acknowledging that interpersonal connections and friendships […]

4 mins read

Integrating ABA into the Classroom: Strategies for Supporting Students with Autism

Integrating ABA into the Classroom: Strategies for Supporting Students with Autism  By: Blain Hockridge  Managing classroom behavior can be one of the most challenging tasks faced by both new and experienced teachers. It is also a task that teachers may have been inadequately prepared for in their prior training and education. In fact, it’s been […]

1 min read

Uncover 6 Proven Strategies for Enhancing Communication and Interaction

At ABA Centers of America, our mission is to deliver comprehensive support services tailored for teens with autism. Our offerings span early intervention, autism assessment and diagnosis, and personalized ABA therapy for children, teenagers, and adults. Our certified therapists conduct the ABA therapy plans and are committed to continuous in-house training to ensure their expertise. Recognizing […]

5 mins read

7 Strategies for Maximizing Resources – How to Thrive Financially While Navigating Autism

Maximizing Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) poses unique challenges for individuals and families alike. From navigating social situations to managing sensory sensitivities, each day brings its own set of hurdles. However, amidst these challenges, there are ways to thrive financially by maximizing resources. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into seven effective strategies for maximizing resources, […]